Click Bait: This Restaurant Offers Instagram Kits To Diners

There's a restaurant chain in London that takes most of the work out of your Instagram shots.

Daily Delight: OOTD: KFC’S New Clothing Line Is Here And It’s Kinda Brilliant

If you like your outfits to reflect your desires, you'll love this. KFC has debuted its own line of clothing. Some of the times have already sold out.

Seamless Inspired Food Delivery For Airports Is Now A Thing

Two new apps make on-demand food delivery possible at your airport gate. Airport Sherpa is Seamless for airports and will change the game.

10 Hilarious Border Smuggling Fails Full Of Nope

People have no shame when it comes to sneaking illegal substances across the U.S. border. Here are 10 border smuggling fails to end all others.

13 Rappers Who Are Dominating The Cannabis Industry

More rappers invest in the cannabis industry than in rap itself, using their name and brand to develop larger business ventures previously closed to them.

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