Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Will The Trump Admin Be The Reason Congress Reschedules Marijuana?

While many are concerned about whether the Trump Administration will put a stop to the cultivation and sale of marijuana, it might become legal instead.

The Surprising Group Pushing For Marijuana Legalization

The majority of this group believe that marijuana should no longer be a criminal offense and are pushing for marijuana legalization.

Advocates Use Super Bowl To Push Medical Marijuana For NFL

Medical marijuana advocates are taking full advantage of the upcoming Super Bowl LI in hopes of persuading the (NFL) about medical marijuana.

What You Need to Know About Obtaining Legal Marijuana In Maine

While marijuana is now completely legal throughout the state of Maine, it is going to be another year before you can purchase legal weed.

NBA’s Stephen Jackson Played On Marijuana, Coach Nelson Was Fully Aware

Former NBA star Stephen Jackson, who played 14 seasons with teams like the Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors, just to name a few, recently revealed that he was stoned during a lot of the games.

It Is Now 100 Percent Legal To Smoke Marijuana In Maine

The new law effectively snuffs out prohibition statewide, giving all of Maine’s grown-ups the same freedoms as medical patients.