Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Hawaii Dispensaries To Start Growing Marijuana Next Week

Hawaii officials announced earlier this week that the island’s newly licensed medical marijuana dispensaries could begin cultivating pot crops sometime at the beginning of February.

Arkansas Lawmakers Work to Stall Medical Marijuana Until Feds End Prohibition

Arkansas is trying to delay in the state’s voter approved medical marijuana program, by attempting to wait until the feds repeal schedule 1 before rollout.

How Canadian Cities Are Preparing for Full Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Canadian officials are expected to introduce legislation in the coming months aimed at legalizing marijuana nationwide.

Which East Coast States Want Legal Marijuana In 2017?

Here is a synopsis of what is currently happening in grand scheme of Legal Marijuana in the United States, according to the International Business Times.

NJ Moves For Marijuana Legalization Despite Gov. Christie’s Warnings

New Jersey lawmakers have mostly ignored Christie's prohibitionary advice and remain on target for marijuana legalization in the near future.

Can Legal Marijuana Help With New England’s Opioid Crisis?

Legislative forces across many of the New England states are making it a priority to deal with drug-related issues in the 2017 session. Some of these folks are trying to solve the area’s opioid problem, while others are simply pushing for marijuana reform. But are the two connected?