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3 Main Differences Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil

Both are derivatives of cannabis, but CBD and hemp are not the same. Here’s how to differentiate the two.

With so much mystery surrounding cannabis, it’s common for the terms “CBD” and “hemp” to be used interchangeably. Crazily enough, these two elements are not the same, with hemp earning its legal status a while ago, while CBD only recently entered mainstream conversation.

Some of the similarities between CBD oil and hemp oil are due to the fact that they are both utilized in a lot of beauty and skin care products, and that they both come from cannabis.

These compounds are among the most mislabeled products in recent memory, with companies taking advantage of people’s ignorance and the climate within the marijuana industry. By mislabeling products, companies can sell hemp oil and claim CBD’s properties, making more money since hemp is cheaper and because consumers don’t know the specifics of their purchase.

Here are five facts that can help you differentiate between CBD oil and hemp oil.

Both come from the same species of plant

CBD and hemp come from the same species of plant: cannabis sativa. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant, containing low levels of cannabinoids, like CBD and THC. On the other hand, CBD oil is a concentration of CBD, which is obtained from flower, leaves and stalks of cannabis sativa. It is a cannabinoid known for its healing and relaxing effects and the fact that it doesn’t make people high.

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What are their effects?

Hemp oil contains tons of fatty acids, which are good for heart health and diminishing the signs of aging. It is a great addition to lotions and skin creams, improving skin elasticity and water retention. CBD is also great for topical uses but it also works for other things. The compound reacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, impacting sleep, mood, appetite, pain and more. CBD provides a much deeper effect than hemp oil does.

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What are their uses?

Hemp oil is versatile and is used in everything from cooking, salad dressings, skin care and hair care. CBD oil is similar to THC in that it can be smoked, vaped, taken orally, added to coffee, etc. However, unlike THC, you can feed CBD oil to your pet.


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