Friday, July 12, 2024

Is It Safe To Smoke Pre-Rolls During COVID

Pre-rolls are convenient, eliminating the hassle of rolling your own joint. But are they safe to consume during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The pandemic has made us question myriad things, including the ways in which we consume marijuana. While a lot of people initially jumped aboard the edibles and topicals train, now that things have settled, cannabis consumers who prefer flower are likely still smoking what they used to smoke. Hopefully, they’re not passing joints.

Recently, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced that they’d be recalling over 3,000 pre-rolled joints that were made in Bay City, MI, and distributed to different dispensaries across the state. The agency recalled the produce after an incident involving an employee who licked a pre-rolled marijuana product.

Is this a rookie mistake or is this actually how pre-rolls are made in this day and age?

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According to experts and people who have worked in the industry, pre-rolls are normally made through the use of machines that pack and roll the joints quickly and efficiently. When workers interact with them, they usually wear gloves, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, when workers are well aware of the health hazards and the necessary sanitary precautions that must be taken in order to keep everyone safe.

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The risk of coronavirus transmission through saliva is large and one of the main reasons why passing joints and not wearing masks has been discouraged since March. Renowned cannabis companies and makers of pre-rolls should be well aware of these risks and take the necessary precautions, such as having their employees wear gloves and masks and use sterilized tools whenever they interact with products. Ground cannabis should be then placed in pre-glued and pre-rolled joints, eliminating the risk of spread.

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While it never hurts to do some extra research when purchasing cannabis, your pre-rolls should be safe, even in times of coronavirus. If you’re purchasing your products from a dispensary, this business is supervised by the state and probably contains products that have to go through testing and that are safe and put together by professionals. There’s always human error to account for, but the odds are small.


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