Wednesday, March 22, 2023

4 Ways CBD Can Help With Foot Pain 

You probably don’t notice your feet until they start to hurt. But when you think about it, they do a lot for you throughout the day. From helping you reach your step goals, to keeping you upright and grounded, your feet are there for you. Perhaps that’s why foot pain can be so deliberating: It can really mess with your day-to-day routine.  

If you suffer from foot pain—whether it’s from your shoes, blisters, or another health condition—you might want to try CBD. Used properly, CBD can help ease some of your aches that can be a well, real pain in the foot.  

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General aches and pains

For general foot pain caused by standing, walking, or exercising, taking CBD oil may bring you some relief. Research is promising that CBD oil can reduce inflammation and have a similar effect to taking pain medication—but without the side effects. The results may vary for everyone, of course. If you have foot pain that doesn’t go away after a few days or weeks, you’ll want to see your doctor.


Symptoms of arthritis pain in your feet can include stiffness, tenderness, pain, swelling, and even reduced mobility. Studies have shown that CBD oil can help with many of these symptoms. In fact, researchers say that CBD oil is effective for treating pain and inflammation caused by arthritis with no side effects. More human studies are needed, but if you suffer from arthritis pain, CBD may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.  

High heels

You know your favorite pair of heels or other shoes that you just can’t give up, but they kill your feet every time you wear them? CBD balm can come to the rescue. Rub it on before you slip on your shoes, and your feet will stay comfortable all night. (Plus put more on when you get home to reduce inflammation.) Want some proof? Celebrities already swear by it for when then wear stilettos on the red carpet—and some of them wear insanely high heels.  

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One ugly topic no one wants to discuss: Blisters. But they happen! (Especially if you are a distance runner or when you get new shoes that don’t quite fit right.) CBD oil is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which may help. To treat one, make sure you clean your blister first. Then use a cotton pad soaked in CBD oil and dab it onto the affected area. Do this a few times a day, and your blister may heal faster than usual.  



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