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420 Suites In Boston Offer An Holistic Cannabis Experience

Later this month, visitors to the Boston area who are into everything cannabis have an alternative to traditional hotels, the latter of which are pretty much across the board straight and narrow. At these 420 themed condos situated in East Boston, downtown, Fenway, Back Bay and Longwood, you’ll be treated to a CBD treat on your pillow instead of a mint.

The shampoos and conditioners are made with hemp and a book of coupons for local dispensaries is reportedly available at the front desk. They also provide transportation to and from a dispensary in Somerville, where there are also discounts, consultations and consumable treats for current medical patients until recreational is fully enacted.

There’s a small catch, though. Even with all this cannabis, CBD and dispensary business, which is all well and very, very good, smoking cannabis flower is not allowed in the domiciles. However, 420 Suites told The Fresh Toast that in East Boston, “the apartment building has a rooftop where guests have access to. There is a pier right there where you are allowed to walk out on and there is a quiet safe little harbor walk with trees and plants.”

They also had this to say, “Unfortunately none of the units are currently smoke friendly due to building codes… You are welcome to consume edibles in the room because they don’t produce smoke and we even encourage vapes [in all units].”

Being able to vape without worry and eat edibles that turn your eyes as red and glossy as can be without judgment, but with encouragement is a very cool thing indeed. Plus, the suites are discreet and every stay comes with a goodie bag filled with hemp/CBD infused products, including things like moisturizers, gummies and lip balms. The rooms themselves look like you’re staying at a luxury hotel, just that these rooms encourage the cannabis experience and supports hemp farmers around the world.

420 Suites, which also offer educational experiences, have additional locations in other populous, weed-friendly cities like Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York City, to name a few. They also offer suites with full kitchens, sitting rooms and bedrooms separated from the main areas. Refreshing artwork hangs on the walls and there is a breezy feeling to the decor.

The next time you’re traveling to Boston, be sure to first check the availability of 420 Suites if you want to enjoy an immersive marijuana experience in a warm and welcoming environment.

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