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5 Cannabis Products That You Might Not Know Exist

Cannabis infusions have come a long way since the simple brownie. Not to knock a favorite in the least, but only to say that with the market expansion new, bold remedies are hitting the shelves in medicinal and legal states across the nation. Even edibles period are pretty well covered and explored. Yet there are so many more ways to get your healing on these days, we had to share our favorites.

Hey Ladies! It turns out that Whoopi Goldberg has got your back when it comes to period pain. The entire line of Whoopi & Maya is awesome and interesting, but what really sets them apart are the herbal infusions aside from cannabis. Tried and true, they combat PMS and the discomfort of menstruation to the core. The rub. is a real stand out, ready to be spread across your throbbing pelvic area. Pro tip: this balm is also amazing on everyday aches and pains.

CanChew Gum is the real answer to getting your daily dose of CBD. Because it is absorbed through the mucus membranes of your mouth, the CBD is delivered more efficiently than with traditional edibles. Plus, it was developed by a team of doctors, dentists and researchers and is well regarded. The minty flavor is classic and it’s extremely portable.

Though laced coffee isn’t new to the scene, Stillwater Coffee and Teas has come out with an individually wrapped, instant coffee. The THC and CBD are water soluble and they kick in quickly for an easier start to your day. Though 10mg of THC is likely not enough to get a daily smoker high per se, it is enough to quell anxieties, calm the stomach and to mix nicely with a hit of caffeine.

Transdermal cannabis patches by Manna Molecular Science offer all day relief from what’s ailing you or simply get you to the state of mind and body that you crave. Created by actual pharmaceutical scientists from MIT and Genzyme, Manna has found a way to get you elevated without any outwardly visible signs. Their website states that they’re even perfect for work!

Not a fan of chewing gum? Well there’s a mint for that. Kiva Confections’ Petra Mints are the champions of microdosing throughout the day. They won’t knock your socks off, but they will provide the other benefits of cannabis and they’re very discreet. The small amount of THC present in each mint goes right to work and you’ll be feeling fine in no time with these innovative beauties.

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