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5 Ways To Get Higher Using Less Marijuana

In this economy, money saving tips are always welcome. Who couldn’t use a few hacks to using less marijuana and stretch their stash? Here are five simple things you can do when yo want your weed to last longer.

Smoke The Leaves

Some prefer not to mix bud and leaves when smoking, because it tweak the flavor a bit. Also, if the marijuana plant you’re smoking has been treated with pesticides, it’s best to stay away from the larger leaves of the plant, as they’ll contain more of the chemicals.

Use caution when mixing bud and leaves. But if you do it right, you won’t have to use as much bud. You’ll be high and happy.

Inhale Correctly

Breathe it in. Hold it in. Fill your lungs. Don’t make a rookie mistake by not properly inhaling the smoke. That’s just money down the toilet.

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Take A Tolerance Break.

Just like with any other drug, if you get high too often, the effects will lessen. Take some time off (a few days to a few weeks). Then, use it occasionally. You’ll be surprised how high you can get off just a few hits, even if the weed isn’t that great.

Use Self Control

This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t smoke so much.

If you’re a heavy smoker, try just taking 2-3 hits a night for a week. If you’re not getting an immediate high, have patience. Give it 20 minutes are so and you’ll probably get there.


Don’t let yourself get distracted. Turn off your laptop, TV, iPod, whatever. When you clear your head, you’ll tend to be more relaxed and focused…on getting high. Enjoy the silence.

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