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Inside Worcester County’s Farm-To-Table Marijuana Dispensary

Cultivate is the first medical cannabis dispensary in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Their team has been working hard just to get the doors open. Previously, locals were driving up to an hour for their medicine.

The menu is modest, with three Indicas, three hybrids and three Sativas. You can find staples like Blueberry and Tangerine Dream and there are four choices of concentrate cartridges as of now. The dispensary is looking forward to expanding their menu as soon as possible and to be up to 30 strains in the next two months with infused products hot on their heels.

Cultivate focuses on being a farm-to-table dispensary. There is a wall on one side of the dispensary where flowering cannabis is growing on the other side. The lofty, atmospheric dispensary is friendly and the staff is compassionate and made up at least partially of patients themselves.

Cultivate President Sam Barber is 24 years old and started the application process while a junior in college. “The big thing for me,” he told Mass Live, “which I think is starting to happen for a lot of other people, is being able to hear people’s stories, where this is actually helping them. When you hear that side of it, you completely change your mindset toward it.”

Barber hopes to provide high-end product in a way that is “inviting to people” and that diminishes any stigma left about medical cannabis. Dispensary Manager Suzanne Melanson said that nearly 25 percent of their patients are new to marijuana in the larger sense and that the patients are mostly in their mid-forties. “It’s hard to deny the benefits day in and day out,” she told Mass Live, regarding the ways in which she sees medical marijuana benefiting the patients.

The dispensary plans on doing its fair share of community outreach and has already held one event at a senior center. As a compassionate dispensary, they also offer discounts. There is 20 percent off for veterans, 10 percent for seniors on designated days and 10 percent off for those with financial hardships.

On their website, the dispensary promises: “At Cultivate, we strive to deliver the best quality of Cannabis, whether that is a product we produce or one we source for our customers, and aim to make our communities better through passion, dedication and commitment.”

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