Monday, March 27, 2023

7 Household Products Every Marijuana Lover Needs

You are more than likely to have a paper clip in the bottom of a kitchen junk drawer. Or an old business card from that job you had a few years ago. Well, before you toss them in the trash, read this.

There are a bunch of uses for household items that will come in handy when cleaning or storing cannabis products. No need to spend a penny – just find these items in your drawers or cupboards.

Paper Clips

If you use a pipe or bong as your go-to smoking device, you know the problem with sticky, gunky resin blocking the holes. Airflow is essential and the eventual blockage really is a pain. Paper clips are your friend. Just twist the end and use it as a poker to unclog the holes in the bowl and the mouthpiece. Paper clips are bendable and flexible and skinny enough to get inside the device and get it clean.

Rubbing Alcohol

Stock up on isopropyl alcohol. It is the go-to cleaning solution for glass. You can soak your pipe or bong in rubbing alcohol overnight and it will break down the resin and make cleaning a snap. There is something wonderful about a sparkling clean pipe that makes smoking cannabis more enjoyable and, well, CLEAN. You don’t have to be a neat freak to appreciate this tip.

White Vinegar

Rubbing alcohol is great for gunky resin and residue out of bongs. But white vinegar helps remove hard-water stains. If you fill your smoking device with distilled water, you shouldn’t get stains. But, really, most of us just use tap water. Clean the inside and outside of your bong with white vinegar before moving on to the rubbing alcohol cleanse. Your piece will look brand new – and who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Cotton Swabs

Keep them out of your ears and use them to clean your cannabis gadgets. Just dip the swab in a little rubbing alcohol and scrub your pipe, vape pen or any other device. Once again, a clean piece makes using it more enjoyable. And if you are sharing, why pass a dirty pipe to a friend?

Mason Jars  

These screw-top, air-tight containers are ideal for storing your cannabis. Here’s a little tip: Store your stash in a cool location away from any direct daylight. (And if you have children, PLEASE store your cannabis in a safe place!) Mason jars are usually clear or opaque. To make them even more effective, wrap it in dark construction paper or gift paper. But get rid of the plastic baggie.

Business Cards

Do people even use business cards anymore? I mean for the traditional purpose? Well, business cards have a few utilitarian purpose for cannabis connoisseurs. They are great to use as a “scraper” for ground herb. Another use is as a “crutch” if you roll a joint. Instead of putting your lips on the end of a rolled cannabis cigarette, you can roll a piece of a rolled up credit card on one end. It’s a more enjoyable, less messy way to smoke a joint. It takes a little practice, but it is worth the effort.


Yep, tweezers are still the perfect “roach clip.” If you are smoking a joint and near the end, use tweezers to hold it. It’s the old-school way … and it still works. And remember, regularly clean the tweezers with rubbing alcohol on the tip of a cotton swab!



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