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9 Gorgeous Cannabis Truffles To Pair With Champagne On NYE

Even if NYE is just another night you’re forced to get off the couch, turn off Netflix and go out, there is one thing everyone can enjoy: truffles and champagne. The combo doesn’t care if you’re dressed to kill or not dressed at all. Here are 9 truffles that look like they’re ready to party at any moment, making them the perfect Plus One, regardless of how you ring in 2017.

Leif Medicinals
Portland, OR


This family-run company in Portland popped up in 2014, using ingredients that are locally sourced, fair-trade and organic. Many of their items are also vegan and gluten-free, like these dark chocolate truffles that are made with rich coconut cream and full extract cannabis oil.

Compassion Edibles
San Francisco, CA


These pillows of cannabis chocolate ganache are covered in a vanilla white chocolate coating and drizzled with ark chocolate. Tainted Truffles come in regular 100 mg strength and super 225 mg strength packages.

The Bakeree
Seattle, WA


The truffles at this Seattle-based confectionery are legendary for a reason: they’re absolutely beautiful. They’re the perfect gift for any occasion, even if that occasion is a Netflix binge of “House Hunters”. Available in Sativa, Indica, CBD and their famous Sunset Sherbert.

The Herbsmith
Los Angeles, CA


The best part about Crowns, besides the fact that they resemble a Perugina Baci, is that they can (in theory) be cleanly split in half and enjoyed separately. Here, a Belgian semi-sweet chocolate shell is filled with caramel and a candied almond and topped with a second candied almond, because texture. Each chocolate is filled with 30mg of THC.

Marigold Sweets
Los Angeles, CA


If the term “bespoke” was an edible, it would be made by Marigold Sweets. Composed entirely of organic ingredients, including recycled packaging made by a hydroelectric factory, Marigold is a nod to Alice B. Toklas’s 1950s recipe for “hashish fudge.” The chocolates come in two varieties, Peanut Creme and Fleur de Sel caramel, and are available in doses ranging from 5mg to 25mg of THC.

Encinitas, CA


The passion fruit and matcha green tea truffles pack the most punch at 40mg of active CBD each. Unlike the mystical Lindt Master Chocolatier, these beauties are handcrafted by a real life MC, who we can only assume would rather toke than wear one. Even more visually mesmerizing than these lacquered chocolates is the video showcasing their production. As usual, the Pixies deliver on the chill soundtrack.

Bellingham, WA


Recreational edibles are easy to come by in Seattle, and Verdelux is quickly making a name for itself in this arena. Handmade in Bellingham, WA (about 90 minutes north of Seattle), the Famous Meltaway got its notoriety, not from being gluten-free (oh, Seattle), but for its indulgent texture and flavor. It’s equally firm and soft, like the perfect piece of fudge. Flavors include dark and milk chocolate, peanut butter and peppermint. Each truffle contains 10mg of THC.

Zuma Chocolates
Santa Monica, CA


Hiring an award-winning chocolatier and pastry chef to oversee the production of your chocolates is not only a brilliant marketing move, it guarantees credibility in an burgeoning market. Sam Christopher is the guy we have to thank for not only making these French truffles, but coming up with irresistible flavors such as Peanut Butter & Pecan, Frosted Red Velvet Cupcake, and Coconut + Dark.

Coda Signature
Denver, CO


These stunning chocolates are created by Head Chocolatier Lauren Gockley, who studied at Valrhona before heading out to work at a string of Parisian pastry shops and more recently, Per Se. If that’s not a solid seal of approval, just look at these truffles! Each one tells a story through bright colors and bold flavors that, according to Coda, “harmonize seamlessly with impeccable craftsmanship and quality ingredients.”


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