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A Guide To Making Your First Marijuana Experience Great

Cannabis shouldn’t create anxiety. Depending on the strain you use, it should ease anxiety, so let’s start there.

As marijuana’s popularity spreads, more people are open to trying it. Perhaps they’ve heard that their medical condition is eased or treated by medical marijuana. Maybe it’s simply time to try something other than a glass of wine at the end of the day. No matter the reason, it’s important to get the dosage right.

The thing is, like most mind-altering substances, cannabis effects people in different ways. And with the myriad of choices as to how one can imbibe, it can become complicated. Cannabis shouldn’t create anxiety. Depending on the strain you use, it should ease anxiety, so let’s start there.

Indicas, Sativas And Hybrids 

These are the three types of marijuana plants that are harvested. Indicas are known for sedation and appetite stimulation, while sativas create more of a “heady” high: cerebral, creative and more active. A hybrid is a cross between sativa and indica and many people new to pot start with a hybrid. Though it’s sativa dominant, a very good strain for newbies is Jack Herer. Its uplifting high is a good start for almost anyone. If you’re looking for something more indica dominant, Bubble Kush is a very popular choice.

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Ways to get cannabis into one’s system vary. From smoking, vaping, and dabbing to edibles, tinctures and topicals, it can be tough to know where to start. Especially if the newcomer is enthusiastic. The best advice is don’t try everything at once, because you may freak out. The biggest risk with marijuana is the potential panic attack from being “too high.” It’s easily avoidable, however, if you just follow a few rules.

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One, if you start with edibles or tinctures, wait an hour before adding onto your dose, even if you don’t feel it yet. Plus, start with half of the recommended dose the first few times out of the gate.

Two, with smoking or vaping, start with one or two hits that don’t completely fill your lungs. Hold the hits in for a few seconds and release. And three, if someone offers you a dab, the best idea is to wait. Dabs are extremely potent and not for the not-yet-initiated. However, if a dab it is, just don’t hold it in and stick to one to start. You’ll thank us later.

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Final tip? Don’t try weed for the first time while drunk. For one thing, you’ll probably end up getting sick or falling asleep, and for another, alcohol increases the active components of cannabis and cannabis increases the drunk feeling. (Here’s What You Should Know About Crossfaded Highs.) Not a good look. Stick to a little bit to start, don’t mix it with other substances so it’s felt through and through and don’t be shy. The cannabis community welcomes all.


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