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Seth Rogen’s Pandemic Weed PSA

The Canadian-born comedian has some advice for young people partying it up in B.C., which is experiencing a COVID-19 uptick.

As the global COVID-19 pandemic extends another month with no true end in sight, the temptation to return to a semblance of normalcy may come calling. But yet, social distancing protocols prevent many activities we associate with the summer, such as  large family gatherings, late nights out, and group hangouts.

For those unsure about how to handle the angst of the sunny season, Seth Rogen has some advice, especially if you’re thinking of trying to outsmart the virus: Stay home, smoke weed, and watch movies. Rogen tweeted the suggestion following a call to action by British Columbia Premier John Horgan, who requested Canadian actors like Rogen and Ryan Reynolds positively use their influence amid the pandemic.

“Please do not go out to parties and BBQs and other large gatherings! The COVID is still out there!” Rogen tweeted. “It’s more fun to hang out alone and smoke weed and watch movies and TV shows anyway! Do that instead! Thank you!”

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Although B.C. received commendations for initially controlling the coronavirus spread, a rash of outbreaks have occurred in recent months. Canada Day celebrations and summertime partying has caused an outbreak in the province and younger generations carry much of the blame.

According to B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), the largest proportion of new cases fall among those ages 20 to 39 years old. This demographic accounts for more than 1,500 cases as of late, which amounts to 37% of all new cases. People aged 20 to 39 only represent 27% of British Columbia’s total population.

Seth Rogen Reveals How Weed Makes Him Creative
Photo by Christopher Polk/Staff/Getty Images

Rogen’s comments were used to garner positive attention, but some medical experts have suggested cannabis users refrain from smoking or vaping at this time. The Food and Drug Administration stated back in April that there was no evidence connecting smoking or vaping to COVID-19, but the organization added that ingesting any combustible smoke could cause more serious symptoms.

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NORML (The National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws) provided safety guidelines for marijuana consumers that recommended not sharing any smoking devices. They urged users to consider using noncombustible cannabis forms like edibles and tinctures instead. British Columbia released a similar “Good Times Guide” that asked residents not to share drinks, vaporizers, or any smoking apparatus, stating, “Now is not the time for sharing anything that’s been in your mouth.”


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