Thursday, December 1, 2022

Marijuana 101: A Simple Guide To Smoking Your First Bowl

Welcome to Marijuana 101: Smoking a bowl is the simplest and most common way of consuming marijuana. The bowl is the part of the bong or pipe where you place the weed. These bowls can also be very misunderstood, having a lot of people waste and not make the most out of their cannabis.

We’ve come up with these simple guidelines to help you out when packing and smoking a bowl, so you can get comfortable with your pipe or bong and make the most out of your cannabis:  

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Getting Familiar With Your Pipe

Bongs and pipes come in all shapes and sizes, but a small pipe is the most common for solo use. Most pipes consist of a bowl –  the round-ish part of the pipe where the herbs are placed – and an airtight channel that connects the mouthpiece to the bowl. Some pipes and bongs have a carb, which is the little hole located at the side of the bowl that allows for better regulation and control of air.  

Pipes vary greatly in size, shape and complexity. Some even have space where you can store water, which will provide a smoother experience.

Packing Your Bowl

For this step you’ll need your pipe, the cannabis, and a heating device, most commonly a lighter. A lot of veteran smokers like to use a hemp wick for lighting their bowls, which is a waxy piece of hemp string that lights up very fast and doesn’t provide any undesirable aftertaste.

First, you’ll have to prepare your cannabis by breaking down the herb. This part is crucial because it’ll allow the necessary airflow to go through the herb, making it light up more easily. You can hand pull the herbs or use a grinder, which is the easiest and most practical way because it really breaks down the cannabis into small and manageable pieces.

Put a screen or a stem at the bottom part of your bowl so that you don’t inhale pieces of marijuana through the pipe. This will also improve airflow and will protect your lungs.

For an even and better smoke, pack your bowl very lightly at the bottom and more dense at the top. This will allow the top to have a steady burn and will also avoid clogging.

When Smoking With A Large Group

Make sure to pack the right amount when you’re smoking within a large group – a party bowl – so that everyone gets a chance to take a fresh hit of green herb instead of smoking some really burnt marijuana. A good tip for smoking within a group is to stick to the edges of the bowl, lighting up these parts and leaving some green parts for the others. Share!



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