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Check Out These 32 Marijuana Emojis For Your iPhone

The people have spoken and they wanted marijuana emojis. “Pictures are worth a thousand texts,” said Stephen Rechif, founder of Bloom Room. “And the cannabis culture is done being muzzled.”

And with that, a new batch of 32 emojis are now available in the iOS App Store. As of this writing, the Bloommoji sticker pack is a free download. But the masterminds behind the marijuana-themed iconography say they plan to eventually set a 99-cent price.

On Monday, the sticker pack was launched by well-known San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary Bloom Room and marketing agency Bernal Heights Media Labs.

According to SF Weekly, the emoji package “features San Francisco-specific images like the Golden Gate Bridge in a cloud of fog and a Transamerica Pyramid-shaped bong. Most of the other emoji will be pretty universal to smokers and tokers, like the green bud with purple crystals, smiley faces that appear to be very stoned, and the ubiquitous honey bear bong.”

But it’s not just a fun diversion. For those living in the Bay Area, Bloom Room will offer discounts on strains featured in the emoji pack, including Strawberry Cough and Gemstone. If you download the pack, you can get $15 off an eighth-ounce plus a free pre-rolled joint.

For those with Android phones, you’ll have to wait a while longer.

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