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Celebrate The Last Of Pride Month With Eaze

Pride is celebrated during the month of June in so many ways that recognize the struggles as well as the many contributions of those in the LGBTQ community. It’s a celebration of community itself, and from the best parades to raising awareness, the rainbow flag flies high. Eaze is a company in the cannabis sphere that doesn’t let the month go by unrecognized, and neither do the brands under their umbrella.

Photos courtesy of Eaze

Eaze partners with dispensaries to get deliveries fast tracked. Their technological platform allows dispensaries and cannabis consumers to gain the secure access they need. Eaze is also a company that is constantly giving back and celebrating diversity.

This June they’ve been donating 5 percent of all proceeds to the cause of LGBTQ workplace diversity. Sheena Shiravi, Director of Consumer Communications at Eaze, told The Fresh Toast, “Both the cannabis community and the LGBTQ movement stemmed out of very, very passionate communities and groups. I think the sense of community and the sense of giving back are the fabric of the cannabis industry.

Photos courtesy of Eaze

“I think we see Pride as a celebration of how far we’ve come,” Shiravi continued, “but also as a recommitment to the road ahead. And as a company in this industry, we really want to do our part to support and to really help the other brands raise awareness for these issues and get them involved as well.”

Some of their brand offerings include PLUS gummies and Jetty Extract’s Reckless Rainbow products so you can celebrate in color! So if any of these goodies sound appealing, get to their sites and support those who are supporting good causes before June wraps up.

Jetty Extracts is donating a portion of their sales to Mr. Friendly, which raises awareness about HIV. PLUS is donating a portion of sales to the Trevor Project and Dosist is donating 100 percent of their proceeds to California Pride activities. At the same time, Eaze is working with its brand partners and is making a pledge with Out & Equal as part of its commitment to creating workplaces that are welcoming and supportive of LGBTQ+ persons.

Photos courtesy of Eaze

“One thing I’ll say about the cannabis industry,” said Shiravi, “is that we are very passionate and understand the sense of community and equality. I think if you look at the number of woman executives at Eaze, as a budding industry we’re having conversations about equality, in every sense of the word… It’s kind of the nature of it that makes it the perfect time to make way for the cannabis industry to be building out in the right way from the very beginning… I think the passion and the ethos of giving back are what built this industry and I think that it’s something we do to continue to keep the spirit alive.”


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