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5 Habits That Can Help You Get Over A Break Up

Break-ups are stressful and painful and since they’re so personal and intimate, there’s no one set way of getting over them. Some people get over break-ups quickly, while others struggle for months. One day, no matter the situation, you’ll feel much better and your ex won’t cross your mind for weeks at a time.

Even though there’s no way to hurry up the break-up process, there are habits that you can adopt that’ll make you feel more productive and healthy. Bustle compiled a list of healthy habits you can pick up once you break up with someone. Here are five of our favorites:

Work Out

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It’s a huge cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. While working out is annoying and sometimes you’d rather do anything else, it really does work. Exercising is a simple way of making you feel good about yourself and getting some much needed distraction. Just try thinking about your ex while doing burpees and squats.

According to Julie Williamson, a professional counselor, exercise releases endorphins and has positive effects on moods. You know all of this, so just trust the science. Break-ups are the perfect moment to turn your life around — at least, from a working out perspective.

Practice Self Care

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Taking a shower, using lotions, shaving, and just taking care of yourself is really important to do when you’re going through a break-up. It allows you to feel a little bit more positive about the whole experience. Amica Graber, a relationship expert from TruthFinder, says that self-care is sacred. “Take the time to wash your hair, light a candle, and give yourself a break. Go and splurge on a new bubble bath or shower gel. Drink a glass of wine and have a bubble bath.”

Get A New Hobby

A new hobby will light up new pathways in your brain, keeping you busy and, most importantly, not triggering any reminders of your ex.

Break-ups, aside from all of the awful feelings they produce, are also a jolt to your system. Before the split, you presumably had a person with whom you spent most of your free time with. Now, you have to fill that void with something else. “Take the energy you spent on your ex and put it back into yourself… Find a new hobby. Whatever you do it, make it fulfilling and make it about you,” says Graber.

Track Thoughts Of Your Ex

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It sounds creepy, but this really helps to control your thoughts. By tracking each time you think about your ex, you’ll have visual evidence of your improvement. As time goes on, you’ll see a dramatic drop in your entries, and you’ll feel great over the fact that you’re getting over your ex.

Hang Out With Loved Ones

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While it’s easy to push people away in favor of wallowing in self pity, it’s best to hang out with people and to remember why you love them and why they’re your friends in the first place. “Try to focus on being present with your loved ones and try not to spend the entire event rehashing the last six months of your late relationship,” says Graber. “It’s natural to discuss it and vent out your feelings, but talking in circles won’t help you heal. Practice gratitude for the love that’s still abundant in your life.”



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