Monday, February 26, 2024

How To Create The Marijuana-Themed Wedding Of Your Dreams

If you’re planning a May wedding, you’re probably knee deep in planning: Venue? Check. Florist? Check. Officiant? Check. Caterer? Check. Wedding Gown? Check. Marijuana? Ch… Wait. What?

Yes, now that the adult recreational use of cannabis is legal in eight states, more and more bride and grooms have begun incorporating marijuana into their wedding day. You could say that weed and weddings are a perfect marriage.

The Wedding Report, a publication that tracks nuptial costs, estimate that weddings are a $60-billion-per-year industry. The average American wedding will run $27,000. And the marijuana is a $6.9 billion industry, according to Arcview, a cannabis market research firm. How many couples are saying “I Do” with doobies? It’s hard to estimate, but the business is blooming.

But when you start seeing Cannabis Wedding Expos sprouting up across the country, you know that it’s real.

Last weekend, the second annual Cannabis Wedding Expo was held in Littleton, about 12 miles south of Denver.

According to the expo organizers. the events are designed to be “a fun and educational opportunity for couples and canna-businesses to come together and learn about how to safely and intelligently bring cannabis into their special day in classy and sophisticated ways.”

The company will put on its next events in Portland, Ore., on March 26 and San Francisco on April 30.

Last year, CNBC featured a Denver-based florist specializing in weed weddings. “The motto is ‘Straight from your bouquet to your bowl.You can literally take it out and smoke it,” said Bec Koop, owner of Buds & Blossoms

Koop told CNBC her favorite anecdote from a wedding:

“Best story ever was a grandma came up [at a reception], and she wanted to try some cannabis soda. She took a little sip, and she was like, ‘My grandson tells me I’m going to feel great!’ “

Koop said she made sure the first-timer had a small dose. “Within about an hour, she was out dancing harder than I’ve ever seen a grandma dance,” she laughed. “She totally had a blast and came up to us afterward and asked where she could get some more.”

There is also a websites such as CannaBride and that focus exclusively on weddings and cannabis.

Let’s be clear: Weed at weddings is nothing new. Sneaking away from the boozy reception for a toke has been a coping mechanism for guests and members of the wedding party for a long time.

But today, with cannabis out of the closet, many couples have decided to keep it classy and incorporate the herb with the celebration. After all, it’s a private party and it’s legal.


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