Friday, August 12, 2022

Meet The First Recreational Marijuana Shop In Massachusetts

Cultivate Holdings in Leicester is a seed-to-table dispensary in central Massachusetts that’s recently made waves, having gained the opportunity to be the first MA dispensary to open for recreational business.

The dispensary opened for medical use in late 2017, and though there are still hurdles before recreational cannabis can be sold, they’ve already built themselves a reputation of having a friendly, knowledgeable staff and good selection of products such as flowers, extractions and edibles.

As far as Mission Statements go, theirs is sweet and to the point, reading, “At Cultivate, we strive to deliver the best quality of Cannabis, whether it is a product we produce or one that we outsource, we aim to make our communities better through passion, dedication and commitment.”

One way that Cultivate builds community is by giving discounts to those who need them most. Veterans receive a whopping 20 percent discount and seniors and those with financial hardships get ten percent off. It’s a helpful, compassionate practice and one in step with the history of cannabis dispensaries from their humble yet exuberant beginnings.

Cultivate is open seven days a week, with a shorter block of 11am to 3pm on Sundays and they do good business, but opening up to the recreational market, especially as the state’s first of its kind dispensary, will make their stake all the more precious. Cultivate Holding’s President Sam Barber seemed a little shocked that they could be first to be licensed for rec.

“We’ve been kind of lining up everything and felt good about it, but I was not expecting to get that call this morning,” admitted Barber. But get it he did, and now it is up to the Cannabis Control Commission and other types of facilities to get the recreational sales going.

Though Cultivate is able to grow cannabis in the same building as retail sales take place, they still need to be given a licencing go ahead from the Commission for recreational and the product will have to be tested at a licensed and approved facility, which as of yet doesn’t exist. Their existing cannabis products do get tested through DPH regulations, but it is yet to be seen if that will hold up to the Commission’s standards.

Kudos are in order to Cultivate for the chance at making Massachusetts history and for their seed to table method, already in place. This is definitely a dispensary to keep an eye on.


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