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Even Stormy Daniels Is Making CBD Products

The latest celebrity to step into the CBD game is Stormy Daniels, who’s partnering with Forest Farms to make infused lube.

Stormy Daniels, who’s not only a well-known porn star, but a political figure as well, thanks to her pay-off scandal involving President Trump, is now involved with CBD. Specifically CBD lube.

The Spokesman-Review reports that Daniels had been interested in getting involved with the CBD business for a while. Mike Forest, owner of cannabis company Forest Farms, reached out to her once his company finished developing a water based CBD lubricant.

The name of the product is Tempest By Stormy, which sounds like many things, none of them lubricants. The product is water based, and uses a nanotechnology that allows the fluid to be absorbed quickly through the skin, thus producing fast acting effect. According to the product’s description, the lubricant is minimally invasive, having a faint floral smell and being able to be used by all kinds of people, even those with pH imbalances.

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Forest explained that normally CBD and THC need oil to have a better effect. He said it took his company years to perfect the nanotechnology that’s present in Tempest By Stormy. “We use a new technique that involves a fat-bonded, full-spectrum, nanotization process,” he told the Spokesman-Review.

For her part, Daniels said that she believed CBD was a fad until she experienced the benefits of the compound herself.

“Two summers ago, I had a serious fall while jumping my horse. I had a fractured spine and severely sprained pelvis,” she explained to the Spokesman-Review. “I was told it would be a minimum of six weeks until I could walk even using crutches. I hate pain pills, so when a friend sent me some CBD products, I thought I’d try them.”

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Daniels joins many professionals in venturing into the CBD business. Although there’s plenty of competition when it comes to CBD lubricants, the fact that it’s water based gives it an edge in terms of comfort and versatility. We just have to see if the novelty of “Stormy Daniels makes CBD lubricant” will work.

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