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Thanksgiving Couchlock: The Combined Effects Of Marijuana and Turkey

The process varies but the results always end the same: Every Thanksgiving you accidentally eat too much. It’s hardly a surprise. With all that delicious food, how could you not? Snacking on cheese and deviled eggs while gabbing with your uncle before the late meal begins doesn’t help matters.

This leads us all to the dilemma many face every year during the November holiday: being trapped on the couch. A sleepiness infects your head and soon your drifting away while half-watching the Dallas Cowboys.

Nap Time For Real

Now if you participate in recreational cannabis use, this might not be a wholly unfamiliar feeling to you. After smoking a joint, drowsiness kicks in and soon the couch and your body fuse into one being unable to stop from watching episode after episode of whatever Netflix show you’re currently binging.

So some part of you might worry combining weed and Thanksgiving is sure to result in landing on the couch unable to move. Now if you’re participating in Danksgiving or toke too much before the meal, this might be inevitable. However, there’s a way to participate in both of your favorite activities—smoking and eating—without ending up on grandma’s cushions unable to talk or move.

The first step is to watch what you eat. The Thanksgiving myth revolves around tryptophan, an amino acid found in turkey that produces serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that raises mood levels and is associated with healthy sleep.

But just eating turkey won’t cause you to become sleepy. Tryptophan is found in various other amino acid-rich foods like fish and eggs, and eating those doesn’t immediately knock you out. Because most proteins like turkey include different amino acids all entering the bloodstream and attempting to cross the blood-brain barrier, very little of tryptophan ends up making it in.

Putting The Tryp In Tryptophan

However, eating tryptophan in conjunction with carbohydrates allows the amino acid to pass the blood-brain barrier more easily, producing a larger (and sleepier) impact. Think of it as tryptophan waiting in line, then his best friend carbohydrate invites him to cut everyone to the front. So if you don’t want to feel drowsy after your meal, maybe skip the dinner roll and avoid that extra heaping of mashed potatoes on your plate.

Another myth to debunk: just smoking weed won’t cause you to pass out. The primary concern is what you’re smoking. Sativa strains are generally associated with raising energy levels and some athletes use cannabis to help them train. Meanwhile, indica strains are known to produce more relaxing, soothing effects as typically associated with marijuana. So smoking a sativa versus an indica may be the difference between playing catch with your nephew after dinner or watching the football game trapped on the couch.

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