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How Hot Peppers And Marijuana Help Pain In The Same Way

What do hot peppers and marijuana have in common? Research has recently uncovered stomach calming properties in both cannabis and hot peppers, bridging two things that at first can seem like polar opposites. Cannabis has a lot of healing properties and uses, so it’s no surprise to know that it’s capable of calming your gut; on the other hand, hot peppers don’t always come to mind when your stomach is in pain.

Recent studies have discovered that both plants have healing properties when it comes to diabetes and colitis. Capsaicin, the chemical that gives hot peppers their hotness, binds to a receptor in our stomachs called TRPV1, producing a chemical called anandamide, which is also a cannabinoid. Chemicals that are present in cannabis stimulate this anandamide, linking both plants together in way scientists weren’t aware of.

The University of Connecticut conducted a research where they fed mice Capsaicin and found that their stomachs were significantly less irritated. They were also surprised to discover that by basically feeding hot pepper flakes to mice they cured their Type 1 diabetes. The same results also applied to mice who were fed anandamide, meaning that, with more research, cannabis and hot peppers could play an important part when it comes to the health of our bellies.

Maybe the cool doctors of the future will prescribe a nice and spicy pot brownie to their patients with ailing stomaches. We’re so down for that. 



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