Wednesday, February 1, 2023

How Marijuana Weddings Will Be Evolving In 2018

Marijuana weddings have been around for a while, and watching the evolution has been fascinating in many forms and fashion. And we do quite literally mean fashion.

With the growing spread of legalized recreational marijuana, event organizers have begun infusing cannabis into many more activities or getaways. From bud and breakfasts to the 420 Games and dinner parties, weed has become the newest companion to a good time. It hasn’t out and out replaced alcohol in this manner. Think of it instead as an addition or substitution to a grown-up good time.

One of the largest and priciest good times an adult can have is at a wedding. So it’s little surprise to watch shrewd planners enter the marketplace as cannabis wedding planners. Take for example Irie Wedding & Events in Colorado. As the company writes on their website, they are “dedicated to giving couples the beautiful wedding day they have always dreamed of and incorporating cannabis in classy and tasteful ways. We work with a wide range of local cannabis-friendly wedding vendors who are sure to delight and impress your guests!”

The company includes packages like The OG Kush Package and Sweet Leaf Package, which helps couples connect with vendors and organize big day planning. If you’d rather plan your own wedding, the company also offers hosted bud bar. Just in the way you might pay a bartender to run an alcohol bar, recommending drinks to patrons and ensuring no one goes overboard, Irie Wedding & Events will hire a budtender to pass out the weed. More lowkey couples can choose to feature bud in their bouquets or floral arrangements.

If you want weed at your wedding, the company has you covered. Bec Koop, the founder of Irie, has seen more couples embrace the growing cannabis trend.

Via Bloomberg:

Koop did five weddings in her first full year in business, then about twice as many in her second year. Now she expects she will have booked nearly two dozen by the end of 2017. “We have people who are already outreaching to us for 2020,” she says. “A lot of foresight coming from these so-called lazy stoners.”

Irie isn’t the only business in town either. Other companies like Top Shelf Budtending and Canndescent will host bud bars, too. Want transportation to and from the wedding and still toke? Hire High End Transportation, a limo service for cannabis consumers. Just because you want weed at your wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury or style.

The biggest weed fans, however, don’t just stop there. They’ll enjoy a “first toke” from a pipe with two openings or wear hemp suits or wedding dresses to show off their love. From minimal to maximum inclusion, weed at weddings is the new rising trend.

As Koop told The Atlantic, “This movement is simply making it more acceptable to enjoy cannabis as part of a group in a social setting at a wedding.”



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