A Woman Ordered A Vegan Meal In Spain, Immediately Regretted It

You can do better, Spain.

Vegan Meal
Photo by hey! Andrw via Unsplash

Ordering a vegan meal in restaurants can be tricky enough, but traveling abroad? Who even knows how the words “vegan meal” will translate?

Fashion blogger Gabbie Jarvis discovered that sometimes when you say “vegan,” people will automatically hear the words “vegetables only.” And while vegan is the absence of any animal products (meat, cheese, dairy, eggs, fish) there are a a lot of options other than what her poor sister was served at a restaurant in Spain: tomatoes and raw onions. This is so not okay.

(UPDATE: it appears Gabbie has since deleted her Twitter account).

Screenshot via @gabbiejarvis/Twitter

Vegans aren’t on a perpetual diet —  they want to feel satiated after a meal just like anyone else, without the use of animal products.

Several commenters didn’t understand the issue, since, you know, she ordered a vegan meal. What did she expect? For those who don’t understand what vegans eat, here are several examples (out of literally hundreds) of filling foods that trump raw vegetables any day.


One-pot Sweet potato chickpea soup?Nutritious, delicious and full of flavors✌️ ————————————————— Soup is one of my new favorites! Growing up I used to hate soup and refuse to eat it even if I was very sick(sorry mom?) But now that I have figured out how to make different types of soups with the ingredients I love and without following a strict recipe, I'm all about it? Here is how you can do it? ————————————————— 1. Sauté onions/garlic/shallots in a pot (just go with what you have on hand) 2. Add a source of protein (I added chickpeas and sweet peas) 3. Add a source of carbs (I added sweet potatoes, but you can also add noodles, rice or even quinoa) 4. Add some spices (I added curry powder and ginger) 5. Add dark leafy greens (like kale) and some other greens for garnish (like cilantro) 6. Now add your broth (I added veggie broth), water and let it cook until it's done 7. Want to add some healthy fats? Try adding coconut cream towards the end!) 8. Enjoy! You just fell in love with soups (You are very welcome?) #theyummyplant

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Burritos & Burrito Bowls

Lunch Burrito Bowl

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Healthy Pesto & Garlic Mushroom Pasta? such a comforting, easy, plant-based meal! I used @sanremopasta Pulse Pasta – made from Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas & Borlotti Beans! Packs in extra nutrients having such a variety of pulses in your pasta! It has 65% more protein than regular pasta and is gluten-free. Amazing stuff?? I sautéed the mushrooms in minced garlic and dairy free butter while the pasta was cooking, then stirred through some pre-made pesto. Literally took me 15 minutes total! I hope you've all had a beautiful day❤️ . . . #pastathatlovesyouback #sanremopasta #pulsepasta #wearefamily #pasta #ad #healthy #plantbased #vegan #veganpasta #dairyfree #pesto #healthymeal #food #whatveganseat #basil #mushroom #pesto #realfood #dinner #health #protein #glutenfree #healthypasta #feedfeed #beautifulcusines #vegansofig #nutrition

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Rice & Quinoa 



Mac & Cheese


Good evening lovely people in my phone and welcome to my weekly sunday evening shoutout ?. Today I want to introduce the wonderful account of @theyummyplant ??. Have you ever seen a more delicious lentil bolognese with pasta? ?. Every single picture of Aria is a masterpiece of food photography and makes me hungry all the time. Just beautiful and just delicious ?. Do yourself and her a favor and visit her account. It's more than worth it ???? • • • • • #sharethelove #veganfood #fitfood #wholefoods #veganfoodporn #veganfitness #veganfitness #healthylifestyle #bestofvegan #plantbaseddiet #healthyfood #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #plantbasedfood #veganfitness #vegangermany #veganfoodshare #vegangirl #whatveganseat #vegandinner #vegancommunity #buddhabowls #highcarb #letscookvegan #pasta

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To be honest, I like the rude weather. The sharp wind clears my mind and the rain refreshes my body. It feels prickly and so alive. I love to feel rough edges, in most issues. ? Coming home after a walk in the extremes, feels utterly satisfying, especially when this pan of #blacklentil #ragout is waiting for you. Never call it #bolognese , it's a capital sin for Italians. ⚔️ Cooked with celery, red pepper, onions, garlic, some dried mixed mushrooms, red wine, tomato paste, salt n peppah, celeriac salt, pinch of brown sugar, crushed tomatoes, dried oregano, fresh rosemary, pinch of cinnamon… serve with #spaghettini… and #walnutparmesan… Happy #midweek !! ❤️ __________________________________________ #pastalover #vegancooking #veganfoodlover #pastaporn #pastaaddict #quickandeasy #plantbasedfood #nourishingfood #easycooking #keepitsimple #happyandblessed #lightmeal #glowlean #veganfoodinspiration #plantbasedliving #healthyfoodporn #cookingforfamily #easyfood #foodstylist #foodphotography #foodstyle #dairyfreelife #vegancheese #veganparmesan

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Spring Rolls


Tis the season motherfuckers ????⠀ —⠀ Fall Focaccia ft. apple and onion #thugkitchen #veganeats ?:@kaspar_ac

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Sandwiches & Wraps

Check out 3 easy #vegan sandwich recipes ??AT LINK IN PROFILE ? like this curry chicken sandwich ?

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Ramen & Pho

Why are noodles so good ? #vegan

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A decent #vegan bagel sandwich split with @tofubreathxvx at @mysoycafe.

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Hearty Salads



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