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This Video Of A Possibly High Guy Yelling At The Moon Is Amazing

Last year, a man named Luke published a video of someone—probably himself—describing an early morning sunset. As the sun rises, Luke says, “Man, the sun is coming up,” before panning up to the still dark sky and accurately noting, “Fucking cheeky moon is still hanging around.”


“Get out of here dude,” Luke adds, still speaking to to the moon. “He’s going to be here any second!”

Our question about this video, which should have been nominated for Best Short Film at this year’s Academy Awards, is: How much weed did this guy smoke or otherwise consume before staying up all night to warn the moon about the sun’s impending reign?

If we were forced to guess in vague terms, we’d say “a lot.” But if we had to put a hard number on it, we’d say “at least 2.4 grams.” Then again, it’s possible Luke was just high on his natural enthusiasm for the passing of time and the changing of guard between the moon and the sun.

Regardless, we salute Luke, and the moon, and the sun.

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