Wednesday, September 28, 2022

How To Save Money While Prepping Your Weed Stash

Anyone who smokes flower knows that reaching into a jar for random sized nuggets every time you want to roll a joint yields mixed consistency. It’s way harder than we think to guess the weight of any given bud. Flower is one of the best ways you can get medicated, but if you have a heavy habit, it can be pricey, especially if you like the premium stuff.

Preparing your stash like a food prepper is an incredible way to learn how to budget, enforce it, and to make sure you’re sticking to your rations and not just overbuying to compensate for some generous blunts you rolled while partying last Saturday.

It’s easier than you think to prepare your week’s (or day’s or month’s even!) portioning to keep your dosing even and your wallet happy.

Gathering supplies is crucial. Anyone in an urban area can grab their rolling supplies on mostcorners, but if you’re not near a vendor, purchasing can be dicey. Ordering online from a trusted retailer is a good plan, and ordering in bulk is an even better one, blunts to bones.

Once you have your papers, cones, tips, wraps, or whatever you’re using, you can begin the process, but first you have to do a little bit of math. Your starting stash controls everything, but its ok if it’s big or small as long as you plan ahead. No matter what you’re working with, decide how big you need your joints, blunts, or bowls to be.

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Though many store bought pre-rolls run 1-1.5grams a pop, that’s pretty exorbitant for an at home joint that you aren’t sharing or at least nursing for a few hours. .75 grams is a decently large home roll, while .25 makes a perfect pinner.

Weigh and grind up your material, then use a tray paired with a clean cup or folded paper to facilitate le stuffing. If you’re smoking bowls, you can leave the nuggets more intact if you wish, put them in a pill organizer to dispense the perfect amount each time.

Twisting up is the easy part if you’re already a regular. Pop everything on a small scale (with the container tared!) to get a rough idea of what you’re putting in each joint. You don’t have to be exact unless you want to be, a few milligrams more in either direction won’t make as much of a difference. Depending on your style, you can pre measure each joint or prepare little piles, just be sure to avoid the urge to light up the first one off the assembly line if you want to get it done quickly.

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Try making the joints progressively fatter as the journey continues for a bit or variety, or having the occasional double strength bone for party passing. Best of all, you can incorporate concentrates to up the ante on anything you want to share or supercharge.

Another fun tip: if you have a kief catcher, use some concentrate to stick a bit of kief onto anything that looks extra fat for a fun boost, you should have more than usual if you’re rolling everything in one go.



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