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How To Use Marijuana On The DL When You’re Home For The Holidays

Stirring up the munchies before a big feast, puffing on some frosty buds during winter shindigs, or even taking a relaxing toke during the interim isn’t easy for everyone.

It seems like every year we start celebrating the holidays earlier. Get togethers with loved ones become the hallmarks of the season, as do extended stays with family.

Stirring up the munchies before a big feast, puffing on some frosty buds during winter shindigs, or even taking a relaxing toke during the interim isn’t easy for everyone. No matter the size of the gathering, there always seems to be someone pinching a cheek or stopping you to talk about the weather. But if you can manage to sneak in a sesh, here’s how to do it on the down-low:

Vape Pens

Vape pens are about as stealthy as you can get because, for the most part, they’re odorless. Test your wax or prefilled cart beforehand with a trusty, sober friend to make sure there’s no lingering aroma and then plan your escapes. If you can’t “go out to the car for a minute” or take a short walk, vaping in the bathroom is your old school go-to. It’s not glamorous, but blowing a lungful into the toilet while it flushes is sure to erase vapor from the room and keep you in good graces.

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Even stealthier than vape pens are edibles. With the platters of cookies floating around and other goodies abounding, munching on your own piece of heaven won’t seem odd at all. A few things, though. First, make sure it’s an edible you’ve tried before so you can gauge your coming high. Second, no matter how Grinch-y you’re feeling, don’t overdo it. Having red slits for eyes and staring into Uncle Larry’s liver spots makes it so you might as well have broken out the peace pipe in the middle of dinner. Try a 10 or 20 mg dose to simply sparkle up the room and give you some extra munchies for the feasting.

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Marijuana Edibles
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Pinner Joints

If you are able to get out of the house and go for a wintery stroll, having a few pinners rolled up and ready to go will have you taking breaks throughout the days. A three minute joint is perfect for your absence going unnoticed. And if it is noticed, it’s excusable. However, from the purps to the diesels, even a little joint is going to make a loud appearance. Prepare yourself ahead of time with a sample size perfume or cologne to carry and when you get back inside go straight to the bathroom and rinse your face and hands off to further eliminate any bouquet of evidence.

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