Monday, March 20, 2023

Is ‘The Bachelor’ Cast Allowed To Smoke Marijuana On TV?

Recent behavior from The Bachelor contestants has caused us to wonder if they’re allowed to smoke marijuana on the show.

For those of you who live in an area without access to cable or online streaming services, “The Bachelor” is a reality dating show where women from all over the country compete for the attention — and ultimately love — of a single man. But it’s also a show designed to maximize messy drama and catfighting, with both men and women guilty of embarrassing themselves for our entertainment.

The newest season of the show features Peter “The Pilot” Weber as the Bachelor. Among the women vying for Pete is Katrina Badowski, who had this to say about her potential love interest. “You need to risk it for the biscuit,” she said. “And he looks like a really f***ing hot biscuit.” To make this kind of comment you either assume she is either trying to maximize her 15 minutes of fame or high out of her mind.


Mashable writer Anna Iovine assumed the latter — which is totally fair! — and it inspired her to investigate if contestants on the show can smoke weed. It’s an intriguing question, as “The Bachelor” mansion, where the show’s contestants live, is located in California. For those somehow unaware, marijuana is recreationally legal in California.

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It would make sense if the show’s producers allowed contestants to consume marijuana. Their job is to make the most entertaining show possible, which is why drinking is often encouraged on the show. (Though they’ve cut down the drinking in recent years.) High people are prone to saying hilarious things on camera. I’ll refer to the above, where a grown woman calls someone “a really f***king hot biscuit.”

Unfortunately, the show appears pretty keen on not revealing if marijuana consumption takes place in the mansion or not. A spokesperson for Warner Bros., which handles production for the show, says they had no contribution to make at this time. Former contestants, focusing on recent personalities following on California’s legalization in 2018, didn’t respond to requests for a comment.

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However, one former producer did respond that they do not know if contestants are allowed to smoke weed. But they added that since marijuana is federally illegal, it was unlikely. That seems the closest we’re going to get to the truth for now. Until then, you can make your best educated guesses on whether or not your favorite “Bachelor” contestant is high on marijuana or fame the next time they do something silly.



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