Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Jeff Sessions Becomes Marijuana Famous With #JeffSesh

If you are active in the cannabis community and haven’t been living under a rock, you know that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one of the biggest pot blocks we have. He despises cannabis, having compared it to heroin and made the illustrious statement that good people don’t smoke marijuana.

He and his reefer madness rhetoric have become something of a joke, though up until now a not quite so funny one. Enter #JeffSesh. This simple moniker isn’t just funny in itself, it is an e-commerce site that leads to delightful hilarity.

Though the website admits that the papers “started as a joke,” they’re already close to selling out of the novelty goods. The front of the pack boasts an elfish AG, joint in mouth. And from left to right the pack reads, “Ideal for legal marijuana,” “General Jeff’s Old Rebel Session Papers,” “Don’t Beauregard That Joint, My Friend” and “Have A #JeffSesh.”

They may be beyond silly, but the purveyors have a wider mission in mind. #JeffSesh hopes that every time someone sparks up with one of their papers that it’s sending a message to Sessions that, “We’re not criminals, junkies or idiots. Regular Jeffs all over the country—good, responsible, patriotic Americans—have a sesh now and then… and its [sic] OK!”

Sessions has come under a lot of fire since his comments and actions in January that led to the rescindment of the Obama-era Cole Memo. He’s just not on the progressive, reasonable side of the argument. Latest Gallup polls show support for legalization at around 64% nationwide, and that means that beyond no longer being taboo, it’s also not a party issue.

Cannabis is a substance our bodies were literally made to ingest. Our endocannabinoid system saturates our brains and bodies, paved in receptors that perfectly fit and utilize ingested cannabis. Aside from being flat out legal in 6 going on 8 states, it’s actually called medical marijuana in the rest of the 30 states with medicinal laws. It’s just not a harmful plant!

Jeff Sessions is simply behind the times, but you can still have a good laugh with his likeness when you roll one up. Just don’t start talking to the pack of papers, dude. No matter how it may appear, he still can’t hear you.


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