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Jenny Slate Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Weed Before The Gym

In her new Netflix special, Jenny Slate shares a hilarious, relatable workout story of being high at the gym.

To say comedian Jenny Slate’s love of all things cannabis is well established would be an understatement. Back in 2014, she boldly declared on Late Night with Seth Meyers that “marijuana is my soulmate.” A couple years later, she said during a festival screening she had “to be taught how to pretend to not know about weed” for her role in the movie Landline.

This list could go on. And on. The point here is simple: Jenny Slate smokes weed. So you should’ve expected the comedian would discuss marijuana in her new Netflix special Stage Fright. And guess what? She didn’t disappoint.

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Although many cannabis users tout the benefits of smoking marijuana and working out, Slate advises otherwise. In the special, Slate discusses her struggles with performance anxiety. When people in her life suggests working out to cope with that anxiety, she decides to give it a try. Though, as is often the case with Slate, there’s a catch.

“I’ll just keep smoking weed while working out,” she says. “I just got more and more anxious and working out more and more.”

Being high at the gym just got Slate more into her head.

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“Why am I lifting these two-pounders? Why am I trying to change my body at all?” she asked. “My body is beautiful. I hate this industry I work in. They’re trying to make my body look like the body of Billy Elliott.”

I won’t spoil the punchline, but you can probably guess it involves Jenny Slate realizing she’s too high for the gym.


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