Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Luxe Lingerie Brand’s Spring Line Features Cannabis Print Collection

Soft floral prints are in vogue this spring — and one chic lingerie brand is capitalizing on the trend by introducing a tasteful and chic cannabis print sure to be a hit for the marijuana lover.

Fleur du Mal, which boasts being “slightly subversive” in its approach to design, is the brainchild of Jennifer Zuccarini, who has spent years in the lingerie industry — from Kiki De Montparnasse to Victoria’s Secret. The brand made headlines last summer when reality star Kylie Jenner was seen in Beverly Hills wearing a form-fitting silver skirt with a Fleur Du Mal ‘Charlotte’ bralette. And now, A-listers can’t get enough.

This spring, Fleur du Mal outdid itself with a “botanical cannabis” print sure to make headlines. Zuccarini’s fashion ambition is to “change the way women think about lingerie” and “explore the notion of desire and artful provocation.” It appears she has succeeded with this unique offering.

Fashion blog “Wishful Inking” recently reviewed the $295 sweatshirt:

The shirt is 100% silk, and has a subtle textural weave of small diagonal lines across the fabric. The print is crisp, and the colors are vivid and saturated, even in the darkest areas. Often, too much of the white fabric shines through in the darkest areas of a print, resulting in dull, desaturated darks, but I am so very happy with the quality of this print! All interior seams are french seams, and all visible garment edges are trimmed with elegant thin black silk piping. There is a small decorative breast pocket on one side that has been sewn shut. The buttons are plastic, which is expected but boring, so I may replace them with some more interesting buttons in I come across any.

At last autumn’s New York Fashion Week, fashionistas noticed runway models wearing a lot of soft floral prints and nostalgic 1960s florals. If you have $295 to spare, you may want to add this to your wardrobe.


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