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Make This Fabulous Dessert With Cannabis


The heat wave is unrelenting and making for sweltering days and warm nights. Why not have a cool, refreshing dessert to chill out in multiple ways. A recent hot trend was Thai rolled ice cream, why not make this fabulous dessert with cannabis? Thai Rolled Ice Cream is just what it sounds like: little rolls of ice cream, about the size of a roll of quarters, that are packed into a cup, then topped with all manner of extras, such as toasted marshmallow, gummy bears, coconut and of course, hot fudge.

Considering how it’s put together, rolled ice cream is prime for the infusing. The possibilities are endless because you can add the cannabis in almost any topping, sauce, or addition you were going to add to the ice cream anyway. You can make it in the base or you can chop up and distribute pretty much any edible you can imagine from gummy worms to brownies.

Cannabis​ ​Rolled​ ​Ice​ ​Cream

Danielle Guercio, 2017; Inspired by Claire Lower + Chinatown NYC
Serves 2, 10mg THC per serving, estimated


  • Pint of gelato, softened
  • Cannabis Mix-ins (Oreos are great here!) -or- ½ tsp Glycerin tincture*


  • Plastic putty knife or rice scoop
  • Silpat
  • Baking sheet
  • Freezer
  • Serving bowl to chill

Ok so it bears pointing out that instead of making a rolled up ice cream concoction, you could just stick a spoon in the pint and chow down, but if you’re looking for fun and whimsy, read on. Fancy people can make their own ice cream base, and this reduces the step of waiting for ice cream to soften, but is for sure messier and leaves more room for error. Selecting gelato over american ice cream gives you more wiggle room with gelato’s softer and more supple texture from the higher fat content.

First, put the serving bowl, silpat and cookie sheet in the freezer for 30 minutes. Allow the Gelato to soften, but not melt completely or become liquid. Take all of the tools out of the freezer except the serving bowl. Scoop a double serving onto the silpat, use the scrapers to chop up the ice cream. Quickly add either the cannabis tincture or an edible that you’ve broken up into small pieces.

Working quickly, smooth the mixture into a ½” thick layer, and put into the freezer. Allow to freeze up for roughly one hour. Take out of the freezer with serving bowl. Using the scraper or rice scoop, begin to press the tool down at a 45 degree angle while striping your way through the ice cream ‘sheet’. These rolls will form quickly, and the cool serving bowl will help them make it to the person who is going to eat them.

*Cannabis Glycerin Tincture

Decarboxylate an eighth of finely ground cannabis by heating in an oven safe and well sealed container for 20 minutes at 225 degrees. Put Cannabis and glycerin into a jar or vacuum sealed bag and place in a water bath at just under boiling for 1-3 hours. Strain into dropper bottle and dispense 1-5mL as a dose or use in recipes Making this fad dessert takes some time, but not too much effort.

Ironically so does waiting in line for ice cream and then racing to photograph it before it melts. Dosing it with THC will make you a legend to anyone you serve it to. Be sure to take your own photos the second you roll it up, it melts quickly! Let us know if you make this fabulous dessert with cannabis!

Photos: Maria Penaloza


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