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How Cannabis Can Help Take Your Meditation Practice To The Next Level

In addition to hydrating yourself, it’s important that you toke just until you feel the calm and uplifting effects. You want to meditate, not go back to bed.

Our lives are inundated with noise, from Inboxes bursting at the seems, to social media apps that have left us feeling lonelier than ever, and incessant stimuli of just about every kind. It’s why having a meditation practice firmly in place is one of the healthiest things you can do for your mind, body and soul. When you add a relaxing cannabis strain to the mix, the synergy it creates reaps many additional benefits.

Marijuana can help control our mind from wandering and keep us focused on our breathing technique, which is central to meditating. Incorporating cannabis into our meditation practice also helps reduce stress so we can more easily slip into the trance-like state that many practitioners are aiming for. Some microdose to meditate, some take in a little more, but it doesn’t take too much cannabis to enhance the experience.

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The mornings are the ideal time to meditate, when our minds are not yet racing and cluttered with thoughts of checking off our mental “to do” list. In addition to hydrating yourself, it’s important that you toke just until you feel the calm and uplifting effects. You want to meditate, not go back to bed. Sit for as long as you can and then begin the day with a clear mind and heart.

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Sometimes a certain strain or head space can turn smoking marijuana into a paranoia fest. Now THAT is the time to meditate, whether you feel capable of sitting still or not. There is no right way to meditate, so pull up a chair, a zafu, sit cross legged in your back lawn or even use a specialized meditation bench. Whatever puts you most at ease and helps you practice mindfulness is the right answer.

A wonderful side effect of meditating with cannabis is that the bliss you find while on your journey can last throughout the day. Keep in mind that this is not a chore, but a tool for holistic well being. There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed, even if you’re going into the meditation with anxiety and a busy brain.

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There is also no length of time that is set in stone for you to meditate. Many suggest starting off a practice with five to 10 minutes per day and then working your way up to a longer set. However, in truth, working up to 15 to 20 minutes a day will make a world of difference in your life, especially with the enhancement of cannabis and its healing properties.


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