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Meet Power Plant Gym: The First To Mix Fitness And Marijuana

Cannabis and athletics are a pairing that produce love and confusion in equal parts for a lot of people. Marijuana is a plant with many capabilities, able to invigorate and energize you while also letting you disconnect and relax at the end of your day, all depending on your mood and mindset. Power Plant Fitness in San Francisco plans to use the properties of cannabis as a way of enhancing the performance of their members and helping them focus on their workout.

Even though Power Plant plans on giving cannabis to their members before or after their workout, as either an enhancement or a recovery tool, the gym doesn’t want their business to be exclusively about marijuana. The founders want to develop an environment of wellness where marijuana will play an important role and where people will feel like they belong, while also being something more than your average gym. Power Plant’s instructors are equipped with the necessary knowledge on training and physiology with the purpose of giving people the greatest results available while also debunking the myth of the lazy stoner and highlighting the positive power that marijuana can produce.

You can check out the video below which sheds a light on some of the reasons why this gym was developed and discusses some of the perks that marijuana offers to athletes.

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