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Meghan Markle’s First Wedding Had Marijuana Party Bags

Though Meghan Markle’s first marriage certainly didn’t pan out, the wedding sounds like it was a blast. In an interview with Markle’s estranged father in the Daily Mail, it also sounds planned out to the final detail. All men were provided with white shirts to wear and the wedding turned into a party immediately following the 15-minute ceremony.

Each of the 100 guests were reportedly given a fabric gift satchel from the couple with a note and a plastic party bag of cannabis within. Thomas Markle said that it may not have been legal in Jamaica at the time, but that it was no big deal there. He also said that he gave his baggie away and didn’t smoke or think that Meghan did either.

That sounds like a hard sell though, because weed gift bags are pretty specific. Sure, she booked the same famous Jamaican Inn that’s hosted guests like Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller as well as James Bond writer Ian Fleming. Sure, she reportedly “micro-managed” it down to the last detail. But that also means she planned on handing out cannabis, no questions asked, and that makes it seem likely that Markle was at least once a fan of the herb herself.

In the UK, cannabis remains illegal for recreational use, but was recently given the green light on medical use for certain conditions. Marijuana is a very popular illegal substance there, and though it remains illegal, the United Kingdom is the biggest exporter of legal cannabis in the world.

GW Pharmaceuticals famously created the cannabis-based drugs Sativex and Epidiolex and the company calls the UK home. Despite the seemingly marijuana-themed facts of the country, cannabis remains a Class B drug in the UK, along with amphetamines, barbiturates, codeine and ketamine.

Maybe the now-Duchess will be a champion for further loosening of prohibition in the UK, but no one should hold their breath waiting. There’s a big leap between clever weed wedding party gifts (Meghan and Prince Harry gave out beige and blue totes filled with goodies that were certain to not include weed…) and being vocal on such a controversial subject while inhabiting such a public and royal role.


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