Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Meowijuana: The Kind Catnip Craze for Cats

It’s here. 100 percent organic, hand-trimmed catnip buds for our kitty cat friends. Maybe your cat gets curious when you toke up, maybe they run away from the billows of smoke or perhaps they like to steal your joints, but you have sadly never light one up with your kitty companion.

Whether it’s been your dream to get elevated with your cats or you’ve  had the thought pass through your mind, now is the time to get active and get activated mano a pata. Enter Meowijuana. What is Meowijuana? Well, it isn’t actual cannabis for cats, but it’s about as close as felinely possible.

Meowijuana is “For Cats Who Need the Weed,” according to their website. It’s high-grade catnip with flowers intact and with big buds for your cat to munch on. They are a “purrrrveyor” of “legendary” catnip sourced from across the U.S.

The savvy catnip company put their paws together with RAW to create kitty-cat-centric pre-rolled “King Meowy J’s” that can be batted around the house, chewed on, drooled on, smelled and otherwise mauled by our four-legged friends.

You can also get a sealed jar of catnip buds or a concentrated catnip spray that will bring extra joy to their toys, cat trees and other kitty-only items. Catnip is known to get cats pretty lifted and the higher quality the catnip, the higher they get. Expect extra playfulness, a big Cheshire smile and pure cat entertainment that beats out the TV and lasts about 15 minutes.

A trial conducted by The Daily Dot found that:

In short, [the cat] lost her goddamn mind. She couldn’t get enough of this stuff. She rolled and pawed around, licking a bag filled with a couple of catnip buds (it didn’t take much!), chewing on it so aggressively that she released the buds in order to get them directly into her mouth. She was consumed by a desire that held her and forced her body to and fro—she needed that ’nip any way she could get it.

Sounds like Meowijuana is the kind bud of catnip. Though you may not want to give your cats the ‘nip every time you take a toke, it does sound like the occasional kitty sized dose will lend entertainment to both you and your cat counterpart for at least the length of a good sesh.


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