Tuesday, March 28, 2023

You Can Now Buy Cannabis Brow Gel At Sephora

Milk Makeup is back with another dope product — this time for eyebrows. A follow-up to their smash hit, Kush Mascara, Kush Fiber Brow Gel comes in Hydro clear, Haze for blondes, Dutch for brunettes, and Grind for deep brown to black brows.

The multi-generational brow trend has come full circle, thanks single-handedly to model and actress Cara Delevingne, whose legendary eyebrows deserve their own separate Instagram account.


If my grandmother were alive today, I am sure she would be delighted to swipe Dutch all over her Joan Crawford-esque brows, while repeatedly asking me to reassure her that cannabis-derived brow gel won’t make her feel high.

Unlike grand-mère Sylvia, and Cara, I am a redhead, and I am so pale that I am practically clear, which is why I went with Kush Hydro and Haze.

I usually apply castor oil on my lashes and brows before bedtime for nourishment, and am curious to see how this product compares. Unlike castor oil, which I smear on with a Q-tip or a generic mascara applicator, Kush steps it up a notch with a tapered tree brush. The brush has dense, firm bristles, which allow the gel to apply evenly, for instant definition. Since the Hydro gel is clear, you can layer it over brow pencil, to set it, and lock it in the look, all day.

Which color is right for me?

Haze definitely works to deepen and define my almost invisible, platinum-blonde, baby brow hairs. The tinted, heart-shaped fibers immediately made them appear thicker. Additionally, the tip can be used to draw precision, hair-like strokes in the sparse area where my eyebrow piercing used to be, while the tapered end traced and defined my brow shape. Obviously, this kills my Q-tip action.

When I saw my boyfriend at lunchtime, his response was amazing: “You have eyebrows! I can see them!”

What does CBD mean for eyebrows?

The Kush Clear claims it contains “CBD-infused cannabis oil.” Cannabis oil naturally contains cannabidiol, aka CBD, and about 79 other naturally occurring compounds that scientists are only beginning to understand. Therefore, putting CBD in Cannabis oil is not a separate process, such as infusing CBD in water. However, their description might mean they are adding CBD isolate to cannabis oil to “engineer” a higher proportion. Either way, hemp, or cannabis-derived CBD oil, is hydrating.

Any oil, from castor to cannabis, will nourish skin and hair. The trick is to balance oils with other compounds, so they aren’t too goopy. Kush’s versions have the added conditioning elements of aloe, cucumber and panthenol.

CBD To What Degree?

Because most makeup is meant to be seen, it’s designed to stay on top of the skin. If red lipstick, for example, absorbed right into the lips, then it wouldn’t be bright and long-lasting.

Will CBD disassociate from the rest of the makeup formulation and absorb into the skin to deliver some benefit? Has Milk treated the CBD in some manner to encourage it to separate and penetrate into the skin? Doubtful.

To whatever degree that wiping hemp oil on your skin is good for you, this brow gel probably qualifies. And since it is otherwise cool, affordable ($18), and doesn’t cost more than competitive brands of brow gel without CBD, there is no harm in trying it.

Keep in mind, the benefits of Milk Makeup’s new CBD brow gels are purely cosmetic. For the health and wellness factor of CBD, stick to a much higher concentration of sublingual tinctures and capsules.

One significant added benefit is that Kush Brow Gel is vegan, paraben and cruelty-free, which is always healthy and fashionable. Why harm the tragically disappearing bee population by using brow gels that contain beeswax — a common binding component in brow gel formulas — when you can give the little buzzers a break by using CBD-oil infused brow gel instead? (Ditch the beeswax for cannabis candles too.)

Top Takeaway

Kush clear brow gel feels like a hair mask specifically for your eyebrows. It will definitely make your eyebrows pop.



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