Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Cannabis-Friendly Milk Makeup Brings The Glow This Summer

In the ultimate of Instagram teasers, the company Milk Makeup recently released a video with trendy-looking boxes being opened and smoke billowing out of them. The caption underneath reads, “Puff, puff baby, the next kush is coming — and it’s gonna blow you away.” To promote their next cannabis centric offering, the company is giving away 25 of the new mystery items in a contest laid out beneath the post.

This is not Milk’s debut into the cannabis-meets-makeup world. They already have their CBD infused Kush Mascara. You may be wondering what kind of benefit CBD could have on ones lashes, but it turns out that CBD oil has been called a smoother replacement to beeswax, which is quite often used in the making of mascara. Plus, CBD oil is thought to condition lashes, contributing to their health in the long run.

Part of the contest is guessing what the next Kush product is. Comments on the post have been pouring in, with guesses like kush cannabis lip balms, foundation and eyeshadow palettes, though most comments are to the effect of “OMG!” “YESSSS” and “I don’t know, but I want it.”

No matter what type of makeup or skincare it turns out to be, it will almost definitely be CBD based, meaning that the cannabinoids are derived from the hemp plant containing less than 0.03 percent THC. However, it is the CBD oils that are working their stuff on the beauty market, not the getting high part.

Though it is possible to reap the benefits of THC transdermally, makeup wouldn’t be the most efficient manner and patches already exist for patients who cannot smoke or ingest their cannabis medication.

Milk Makeup is making quite the splash with their expanding Kush line of products, with nearly 115,000 views of the teaser post since Monday and the enthusiasm that they’re drumming up is contagious. It makes one wonder if this could be yet another booming facet of the cannabis marketplace.

Milk products are already vegan and cruelty free, why not make them healthy for the end user and the planet at the same time? The greater the demand for hemp to be used in products such as these, the closer we really do get to having a domestic hemp economy. Regardless of where the hemp is currently grown, it replenishes soil, releases oxygen and has good, usable material from the inside out. Milk Makeup is definitely fashion forward when it comes to these skin accessories.



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