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Let’s Talk About Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrows

All eyes were on Donald Trump and the G7 summit over the weekend. All eyes, except for the ones that were mercilessly staring at Justin Trudeau’s wayward left eyebrow.

So much for the possibility of a trade war being the main focus.

Some people are speculating that the Canadian Prime Minister was wearing falsies. Because nothing says “take me seriously” like a set of fake eyebrows.

Before the meeting, Trudeau gave a joint press conference with French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron and then all hell broke loose — much like Trudeau’s left eyebrow seemed to be doing.

Watch for yourself.

And in true Twitter form, Trudeau’s “fake” brows now have their own account.

But if you look at past photos of Trudeau, his left brow has always looked a bit off.

As this publication points out, another video clip of Trudeau shot at a different angle tells another story entirely. It’s not a fake brow; it’s a brow that has a good and bad side, just like the rest of us!

In the video, as explains:

…you can see that Trudeau’s eyebrow looks normal and that there is a slight shadow cast on his left brow from poor lighting on the set. It becomes more noticeable when Trudeau looks down but then disappears when he address the audience straight on.

Canadian journalist Sean Craig notes that Trudeau’s left eyebrow is thicker, which gives off a “sloping” effect from certain angles.

So, to sum up Trudeau’s brows:

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