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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Calls Out Drug War Hypocrisy

For a television program that major television providers have effectively shunned, Cannabis Planet is capable of pulling some serious guests on their show. The latest is “Orange Is The New Black” star Matt Peters, who recently joined the program to decry America’s War on Drugs.

“I think the criminalization of cannabis is very stupid,” he says.

Cannabis Planet Preview from Cannabis Planet on Vimeo.

On Orange Is The New Black, Peters plays the Corrections Officer Joel Luscheck. His characters cops to being somewhat of a drug enthusiast and middleman for dealing, but unlike the inmates, he never gets caught.

This weekend’s Cannabis Planet episode will feature Peters sitting down former law enforcement officers to discuss what we talk about when we talk about the War On Drugs in America. The conversation will hone in on the hypocrisy of the Drug War and also its failure within the country writ large.

“I think it’s ridiculous to incarcerate anybody for something that so many people have admitted to doing,” Peters says in a preview.

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