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‘Walking Dead’ Star Speaks On Medicinal Benefits Of Marijuana

Throughout its seasoned television run, many of “Walking Dead” characters have endeared themselves to fans. Part of this happens because, well, zombies keep eating some of your favorite characters so new ones inevitably have to take their place.

But since Cooper Andrews introduction as Jerry on “Walking Dead,” it seemed inevitable the lighthearted zombie hunter would win over the audience. In reality, though, Andrews started a new mission: to educate and possibly help others with cannabis.

Andrews will be among the stars to appear on this season of “Cannabis Planet,” a “television program that explores the merits of the cannabis plant as a food, fuel, Fiber and medicine.”

“I’m new to cannabis. I just started six months ago, and the positive changes that have happened is something I want to talk about,” Andrews revealed in a trailer for the episode.

Andrews also spoke on why he wanted to discuss marijuana and further the conversation surrounding legalization and research.

“It’s portrayed in a really negative light, and I think there has to be a change in how people see it,” he said.

Joining Andrews on this season of “Cannabis Planet” will be and Matt Peters of “Orange is the New Black,” former NBA star John Salley, and retired NFL lineman Eben Britton. The program will air on independent stations in major television markets as DISH Network and ATT/Direct TV denied running the show. However, it will be available on demand to subscribers of both cable providers.

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