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Working Out Too Much Can Be Bad For Your Sex Life

A study from the University of North Carolina discovered that men who worked out too much had lower libidos and sex drives, disrupting the thought that you can never work out too much. Exercise has always been referred to as a miracle drug, helping cope with depression, improving your memory and protecting your brain against cognitive decline, but this research proves that all things, even the good ones, should be enjoyed in moderation. 

The study surveyed over 1,000 male participants and found that, across all ages, men who worked out excessively reported that they didn’t think about sex, or desired it as much as others who worked out less vigorously. 

Insider reports that another study from the New York Times demonstrated a similar trend in women, where those who worked out excessively reported hormonal imbalances that affected their libidos and sex drives. Excessive workouts can also lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorders, which can both impact negatively on your self-esteem. 

Even though these results are surprising and a little shitty, the same research proves that working out normally and regularly increases people’s interest in sex and libido in a healthy manner. this study highlights that it’s important to avoid overworking ourselves, and that, if we feel tired or our body demands rest, we give it to it. It’s also good to remember that sex is another form of working out. 


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