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People Really Want CBD Products For Their Dogs

BarkShop acquired instant fame this past March when they began to sell dog treats infused with CBD, but even before the news broke, the company was well established in the business, selling quirky pet products such as multivitamin supplements and dental hygiene treats.

According to Mashable, dog trends tend to follow human trends closely, so it makes perfect sense that people are now interested in CBD treats and oils. These CBD infused products are designed to help dogs cope with different sorts of pain and anxiety issues, providing relaxation and tons of benefits for their bodies. It’s important to point out that these treats don’t have any THC in them and that THC and cannabis in general can have negative effects on dogs.

Melissa Seligmann, Barkshop’s General Manager, reports that the company was nervous over the public’s perception of their CBD infused dog products. On the date of their release, products sold out within the day.”We sold out of all our initial inventory that we bought for a two-month run on day one, and we’ve had a hard time keeping it [CBD supplies] in stock,” Seligmann told Mashable.

BarkShop currently offers CBD oils and treats, with most product reviews saying that pet owners are happy with the results and that dogs are responding well to the CBD, which calms them down during thunderstorms and stressful situations or provides comfort during the last minutes of the lives of old and sick dogs. Other more negative reviews criticize the prices of CBD oils and treats, claiming that the products are expensive and produce little to no effect on their pets.

While all of this information sounds interesting, more research is needed. It’s hard to know the effect that CBD has on dogs when they’re not able to communicate it and when almost no research has been conducted on the matter. CBD research is lacking on all sorts of areas, and it’s side effects are largely unknown.

Hopefully companies like BarkBox will begin to push the envelope and to inspire researchers, doctors and veterinarians to conduct the necessary studies on CBD, making sure that the compound is safe and that we understand the benefits it provides.


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