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Does Smoking Marijuana Decrease The Development Of Bladder Cancer?

So you probably have a million questions, right? What is bladder cancer? Who gets it? Should I smoke cannabis so I don’t develop it?

First off, this cancer is a rare type of cancer that occurs when too many abnormal cells procreate in the bladder. These tumors push up against or even block neighboring structures, disrupting the body’s ability to work normally.

The most common symptoms include blood in the urine, frequency of urge and even pain when urinating. About 90 percent of the individuals who develop cancer of the bladder are over the age of 55, and it is more common among white men, although all ethnicities of men and women are not exempt.

A new study shows that whole-plant cannabis use can decrease the likelihood of developing bladder cancer.

The California Men’s Health Study gathered data from 84,170 men, ranging from 45-69 years old and of various ethnicities. Over an 11-year period researchers studied these men’s health records and found that 41 percent of participants reported cannabis use. After researchers controlled for age, race, ethnicity and body mass index they found that cannabis use was associated with a 45 percent decreased risk of developing bladder cancer. This decreased risk was significant in men aged 45-54.

Also the study noted that 29 percent of participants reported they didn’t smoke at all (whether it was cannabis or tobacco) and 57 percent reported they smoked tobacco. Researches found that men who smoked cannabis had a decreased likelihood of developing bladder cancer over than those who didn’t smoke at all.

We’ll say it again: Here’s our takeaway: If you smoke cigarettes—especially if you are, or plan on becoming, an old white guy—then you owe it to yourself to start smoking cannabis, too. Just like heads, two vices can be better than one.


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