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Here’s A List Of All The Coffee Brands Served On 44 Airlines

Let’s all take a moment to collectively forget that it’s probably a terrible idea to drink coffee or tea on an airplane, because the water tank likely hasn’t been cleaned since that “three month reminder” sticker fell off in the ’80s.

Now, sketchy liquids aside, have you ever wondered what the swill du jour is on your morning flight? It’s never a great cuppa joe, but in case you wanted to know so you could order it a second time (or boycott the roasting company all together), Dripped Coffee has come up with a super cool infographic detailing which flights serve which brands of coffee.

The biggest take-away from this compilation is that airlines still have a long way to travel before nailing their coffee game. Seeing brands like Starbucks represented is a push in the right direction, but passengers are more or less still being served coffee that couldn’t win a fight against the drip from 7-11.

Next time you board a flight, make sure you have your own coffee in hand or skip the coffee all together. It will just keep you awake in all the wrong ways.

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