Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Study: Older Marijuana Users Have Lower BMIs And More Likely To Work Out

A study suggests Americans over the age of 60 show a connection between marijuana use and leading a more active lifestyle.

The lazy stoner stereotype is one of the most prevalent ones when it comes to marijuana use. Making appearances in movies and college, it’s a stereotype that’s meant to be funny and used by people who are older or don’t know much about the drug.

Science has shown, a few times now, that regular cannabis use doesn’t imply a sedentary lifestyle, however. Turns out that people can get high and lead active lives.

A study conducted on older Americans found that those who consumed cannabis engaged in more workouts and physical activities than non consumers. Researchers surveyed participants over a period of fourmonths, conducting an exercise intervention program. Participants who consumed cannabis had lower body mass indexes (BMI) and were more likely to commit to their workout routines when compared to other participants.

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“These findings suggest that it may be easier for older adults who endorse using cannabis to increase and maintain their exercise behavior, potentially because cannabis users have lower body weight than their non-using peers,” write the authors of the study. “At minimum, the evidence suggests that cannabis use does not hinder older adults’ ability to engage in physical activity, to participate in a supervised exercise program, or to increase their fitness as a result of physical activity.”

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While the connection between cannabis and lower body mass indexes remains unknown, these types of studies continue to show that cannabis is more than a drug that gives people the munchies and encourages them to laze around. Anecdotal and scientific data shows that marijuana can be a helpful and motivating tool for staying active, a big issue that plagues Americans, especially those over the age of 50.

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As scientists and users of different ages and lifestyles spend more time with the drug, more information is discovered. While it’s unknown if the drug could help people work out more, studies like these are at least discouraging the spread of outdated stereotypes.



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