Friday, December 2, 2022

The Essential Link Between Marijuana And Schizophrenia

The medicinal value of cannabis is a highly contested subject—perhaps there is no more of a controversial topic in modern day medicine. Looking at cannabis as a whole, there are various chemical compounds in the plant with medicinal value, namely THC and CBD. Furthermore, medical marijuana patients utilize the medicine in aid of both physical and psychological disorders. Possibly, this is the crux of the medical marijuana debate: the notion that there are different chemical compounds within marijuana, which have interactions with different elements of the body and the psyche—with largely subjective results. As real clinical research on cannabis is just beginning to hit the mainstream, the hope is that test results will help categorize specific strains and ailments in a comprehensive, objective fashion.

Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder which is highly contested in relation to medical cannabis. This is because, laboratory studies show that THC use can actually increase the risk of contracting schizophrenia for individuals genetically pre-disposed to the disease. However, studies also show that CBD can be very useful in subduing the “psychotic symptoms” of schizophrenics. While it may appear that these two findings are at odds, they are not. They really exemplify the need for more quantifiable exploration into the pitfalls and benefits of cannabis as a legitimate medicine—focusing on objective analyses into chemical compositions of specific marijuana strains. Once a licensed medicinal practitioner can say with certainty what a cannabis strain contains chemically (CBD, THC, etc.), they can confidently prescribe it to individuals such as schizophrenics. That being said, here is a brief overview of the positive benefits of isolated CBD for schizophrenia patients:

Schizophrenia And CBD

Scientists feel that schizophrenia is genetically produced mental disorder resulting from chemical imbalances within brain functions. These same studies show that schizophrenia lies dormant until “triggered by a genetic interaction with environmental factors”. The psychological symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations, and abrupt emotional changes. While there is no cure for schizophrenia, modern medicine generally uses powerful prescription drugs wrought with side effects to curb the disease’s debilitating symptoms. Natural CBD isolated from cannabis flowers offers a less obtrusive relief for schizophrenia patients than that of prescription medicines.

Medical experts believe that schizophrenia as a psychological disorder is the result of imbalances in dopamine and serotonin “signaling” within the brain. These imbalances result in the delusory nature of schizophrenic outbursts as well as anti-social behavior indicative of the disease. Along this line of thought, studies show that the sedative like psychological effects of CBD help quell hallucinations in schizophrenics—without the side effects of powerful prescription medicines like valium. Furthermore, studies display that continued, daily use of CBD by schizophrenics can help aid in the overall clinical condition of their psyches. This study is noteworthy as it shows that CBD can offer more to schizophrenics than just relief from symptoms, it can actually help stop outbursts from occurring at all.



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