Thursday, March 23, 2023

Walk-In Marijuana Clinics A Hit In Tampa Bay

When the Sunshine State really went the way of the green rush with the latest legislation out of Tallahassee, Tracilea Young, founder of California based Tetra Health Care (THC) clinics saw an opportunity. Young is President of the chain. Now she’s opened six walk-in marijuana clinics in Florida, five of them in the Tampa Bay area. She plans to open at least 20 more. The clinics themselves are sterile and nondescript. There’s a waiting room, reception staff in scrubs and you get a health checkup before your walk in or standard appointment.

Medical cannabis is the new kid on the Florida block, but it’s popular, despite its sometimes confusing legislature. The laws seem to change constantly. As of now, seven companies are allowed to grow the plant, though that number is expected to rise to 17 by the end of this year.

A medical marijuana recommendation from THC runs $198 dollars, but they don’t just hand them out. A patient must meet the qualifications in Florida to receive said recommendations. Since the Florida Supreme Court determined that qualifying conditions include “impaired strength, weakness or enfeeblement,” according to, the range of ailments is wide.

Young entered the cannabis space in 2015 after her husband, the father of her eight children, went through stage four throat cancer. They were amazed by the benefits of the plant, but not by the experience of obtaining a California recommendation. They had to wait in line at a warehouse until someone basically said, “Next,” wrote it out, took their money and sent them on their way.

Young made up her mind to open clinics that were made for patients and their needs.

The Tampa Bay area THC clinics see an average of 13 patients a day who are greeted by the professional, customer-centric staff. They need a valid state ID and proof of residency to be seen. Then there’s the criteria of the Department of Health and the $75 state fee. After that, patients receive their registration cards in the mail and are free to use their recommendation at any Florida dispensary they choose.



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