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Let’s Discuss Adam Levine’s Furniture-Inspired Tanktop Instead Of That Boring Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl was submerged in a ton of controversy which wasn’t helped by the game itself. Only 16 points were scored between the Patriots and the Rams, breaking a historical record for…least amount of points scored in a Super Bowl. Suffice to say, a lot of people were bored. Beyond that, Maroon 5’s performance was criticized and some of the biggest commercials of the night were accused of leeching off pop culture and trying too hard to prove they were in on the joke.

A take that is not controversial and is in fact the truth, is that Adam Levine’s tank top shares a strong similarity with different pieces of furniture, especially those that are 70’s inspired.

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The original tweet was replied to by different users who also had their own curtains and chairs that could replace Levine’s tank top.

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You know something’s off with your entire performance when your shirt, or lack thereof, becomes one of the most entertaining parts of the night.


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